Assistant Manager-Products
Eastern Mattresses Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Perform market research to understand market requirements and initiate innovative product development.
  2. Prepare comprehensive NPD project plans with technical objectives and detailed cost estimates.
  3. Analyse product cost and prepare schedule plans for effective implementation of projects.
  4. Create prototypes of new designs, conduct performance analysis of prototypes, and ensure the assemblage of products follow the company’s quality parameters.
  5. Document records for all project proposals and associated activities.
  6. Develop and review design prototypes, perform tests, and finalize product design to facilitate mass production.
  7. Make sure all products are correctly costed
  8. Pilot Production in coordination with the operations team.
  9. Perform Product validation and usability testing.
  10. Presenting new products to the sales team; and induction.
  11. Identifying, evaluating, and managing vendors to support product development and prototyping
  12. Prepare detailed product BOM & specifications, and Price of the products
  13. Collect market feedback and make appropriate modifications after launch.
  14. Periodic product re-engineering to keep costs under control.
  15. Wastage reduction and cost control are supported by proper analytics.
  16. Carry out institutional orders with minimal production cost to win orders.
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