Clive Jose
CEO - Shipnext

Clive can be best described as an ambitious maverick of sorts. When his career in aviation didn’t take off as planned, Clive decided to hit the road, quite literally. After a brief stint in sales while in Dubai, Clive realised he was a naturally gifted salesman. “I can sell. So why not sell my own products?” he asked himself. Determined and driven by his personal motto, Nothing Is Impossible, he set out to modernize and scale up his father’s enterprise, Josco Transport. What was a truck service now became one of the two manufacturers of trailers in Kerala under Josco Automobiles.  

While heading Josco Automobiles, Clive saw a gap in the logistics industry in India. The solution lay in adapting a popular American B2C business model, to suit the Indian market. He founded ShipNext in 2016, a platform to connect truckers directly to consumers. The lack of adequate technology was an impediment to the growth of ShipNext. A strategic business alliance with Group Meeran in 2021 helped resolve that and develop WeTruck, an app that eliminates physical and virtual middlemen in the trucking industry and unnecessary phone calls.  

In the future, Clive hopes to lean on AI and machine learning to achieve the goal he set out for - All stakeholders benefit from his business and make trucker's life a little easier.