James Joseph
CEO - Diet Fibre

James Joseph , Founder Jackfruit365 and CEO, Diet Fibre 365  
While looking at a jackfruit out his office window, while writing a book, James began toying with the idea of helping farmers by creating an organised market for jackfruits. Thus he began his journey with Jackfruit365 and a meeting with former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam turned that idea into a patented invention to control diabetes. 
James had a stellar corporate career that spanned 25 years and 3 continents. His experience included automotive manufacturing, supply chain and software marketing with some of the biggest names like Ford Motors, 3M and Microsoft. Yet the modest jackfruit is what changed his life in 2013. He first pitched his idea to Navas Meeran, who asked him to chase this project with passion and vigour, if he really believed in it. Which he did. After successful clinical trials and patenting his green jackfruit flour, James decided to take Navas Meeran’s offer to join hands with Group Meeran in 2016.