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Since 1968, Group Meeran has developed a house of popular and loved brands like Sunidra, Eastea Chai, Eastern Treads, each of these are the result of perceptive entrepreneurship.

We have revolutionised entrepreneurship with ideals of a collective effort towards excellence since its inception in 1968.

Leaders Corner

  • To us, entrepreneurship is more than the bottom line. It is about providing better quality and touching lives. Through entrepreneurship, we aim to enhance lives while preserving the trust and responsibility endowed upon us. Our goal is to play an active part in building India’s path to become a hub for innovation and growth.

    Navas Meeran


  • Our goal is to build an ecosystem to foster collaborative economic and entrepreneurial initiatives among entrepreneurs and managers that leads to individual and collective growth.

    Feroz Meeran



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Facilitating Growth through the empowerment of innovative concepts.

Transforming society by catalyzing the growth of innovation-driven startups and promoting ideas with the potential to change lives.


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We celebrate diversity in people by giving them a happy place to work. Here is where ideas thrive, meaningful conversations happen, and talent is nurtured.

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  • Everyone has a story to tell, here’s ours

    Every person here is a perfect fit for their team. Approachable team members, a good opportunity to learn, especially for good for entry-level employees.

    Midhun P
  • Everyone has a story to tell, here’s ours

    I wanted to be a part of a workplace that will help me to improve my skills with some innovation. You get to inculcate self-reliance and build a lot of skills in a short span of time. It’s a diverse and inclusive environment at work. Individual talent is an intrinsic part of teamwork here.

    Amritha Joseph