A Journey That inspires; A Group That Empowers

Since we started our journey in 1968, we have demonstrated the power of entrepreneurship and our ability to build high-quality enterprises and more lately, collaborate with entrepreneurs and managers to create unique business models in a diverse range of business areas. Each of these businesses represents excellence in their respective fields.

From a small store called “Eastern Trading Company” located in Kochi Group Meeran has come a long way with its presence spread across different product verticals and across various countries.  Since its inception in 1968 to this day, the Group has always innovated for its customers often anticipating the development of disruptive technologies and innovative ways to meet consumer needs. From tea to technology, treads to mattresses and to affordable homes, Group Meeran is home to some of the finest brands. Our journey of building the spices and culinary range at Eastern Condiments has given us the understanding of creating appealing brands to consumers and innovative ways to connect with them. This is the experience that we share with many start-ups as they develop and grow within our fold.


  • Respect
    We respect diversity in the culture, people, and environment. We honour teamwork and appreciate unique individual talent. Our efforts are transparent and rooted in politeness, inclusivity and kindness.
  • Integrity
    We build meaningful relationships based on truthfulness, mutual growth and ethics. Our integrity is reflected in our superior products, excellent work culture and sincere and professional attempts to achieve our goals.
  • Customer Centric Approach
    We work consistently and tirelessly to deliver exceptional customer service. Our dedication to understanding and meeting the customer's needs is evident in our superior quality products and services.
  • Solution Oriented
    We construct solutions that exceed expectations. We persistently improve our performance by delivering prompt and innovative results and setting up new benchmarks.

Leadership Team

Firoz Meeran

Vice Chairman

Asheen Panakkat

MD - Nanma Properties

Shereen Navas

Managing Director, Sunidra Mattresses

Our Story

  1. 1968

    The beginning

    M E Meeran established The Eastern Trading Company (ETC)

  2. 1976

    Entering the distribution business

    Upgrading the business to the next level, M E Meeran embarked on his journey into the world of the distribution business.

  1. 1983

    Established Eastern Curry Powder

    Group Meeran opened a full-fledged spice factory and manufacturing facility at Adimali, expanding the business further.

  2. 1985

    Introduction of blended spices & Consolidation A defining moment

    With the expansion of business across verticals, the business is now consolidated as Group Meeran. The spices business was renamed Eastern Condiments. A steady increase in demand for Eastern spices leads to the blended masalas business - Eastern Chicken Masala, Eastern Meat Masala and Eastern Sambhar Masala. It marked the beginning of Group Meeran’s innovative food products.

  3. 1989

    Incorporated Eastern Condiments Private Limited

    Scripting a new chapter, and the steady growth of its spices business, Group Meeran incorporates Eastern Condiments Private Limited.

  4. 1991

    Launch of Eastern Treads - Touching another milestone

    Group Meeran reached a new milestone by establishing Eastern Treads and cementing its name in the tire-re-treading industry.

  5. 1999

    Launch of Sunidra – a flagship company of Group Meeran

    Launches Eastern mattresses Pvt Ltd , which would later revolutionise the Malayali's sleep through global quality standards. A flagship of Group Meeran that remains a favourite choice of Kerala households.

  6. 2005

    Launch of Eastea - Sipping a New Start

    Group Meeran launches Eastea, another flagship brand. Eastea is a premium tea brand. It was to bring high-quality tea to the masses, a dream of ME Meeran from his time as a small-town grocer.

  7. 2010

    Strengthening from the core

    Opened Group Meeran’s corporate office at Kochi, incorporating all flagships.

  8. 2012

    Building goodness through Nanma

    Started Nanma, an integrated building projects solution that employs strategic analysis, cutting-edge designing, and collaborative building to cover all facets of the construction.

  9. 2016

    Toward health consciousness - JACKFRUIT365

    As an investor to startups, Group Meeran invests in Jackfruit365. It brings the benefits of versatile jackfruit to the dinner table.

  10. 2018


    Group Meeran joins hands with ShipNext, to establish and empower WeTruck, India’s first fully automated online logistics app.

  11. 2020


    Formerly with Kerala Blasters, Scoreline established itself as a recognized football academy. In 2020, Group Meeran joined them as an investor and incorporated it into the Group.

  12. 2020


    MTR Foods owner Orkla ASA acquires Eastern Condiments in 2020, one of our businesses.