Eastea Chai Pvt. Ltd.

Delivering the top-quality cup of tea to the masses, Eastea is one of the most popular retail flagship ventures of the Group Meeran. Having been promoted by the founder of the Group himself, Eastea enjoys precision and non-compromising quality from sourcing and selection to blending.

From its beginning in November 2005, Eastea has been consistently learning, inventing, and adapting to customer preferences. We have established ourselves as the favourite choice for tea lovers by constantly perfecting the craft and preserving our unrivalled expertise. The trust garnered by this brand in manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters continue unwaveringly.

The delicious taste of Eastea with balanced flavours and refreshing aroma is a result of our meticulous effort. In 2010 Eastea became an independent private limited company. With over 40,000 outlets in Kerala, Eastea continues to give you the best cup of tea every day.

What Eastea assure you?

  • Premium Tea Ingredients
    We only use premium ingredients for our tea. Eastea uses longleaf tea which is rich in antioxidants, a perfect antidote to a hectic day.
  • Delicious Taste
    Premium quality tea with full-bodied flavour and aroma. Grown at high altitude, it makes every cup of tea, a sensation in itself.

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