Eastern Treads Ltd.

Eastern Treads Limited is a business enterprise involved in the manufacturing and supply of tread rubber and related products. Founded by late M.E. Meeran, the idea of Eastern Treads was conceived by his son, Mr Navas Meeran. With over two decades of experience, we are driven by a passion for innovation, technical excellence and the best quality service.

As we are engaged in high-impact sectors of the economy, we constantly deliver the best services through innovation. With our manufacturing footprint extending to more than five products, quality is embedded into our long-term strategy for growth. Over the years, Eastern Treads has grown into a vast marketing network comprising dealers and depots. We have bagged several accolades for our performance and excellent products. We are also ISO 9001-2008 accredited. Our innovative and modernized products, such as Diamond Quality Tyre Re-treads, revolutionized the industry. We also ensure sustainability and create less-environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly products like re-treading.


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    Our progress in manufacturing technology to maximise productivity and deliver the highest quality.

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