Eastern Mattresses Pvt. Ltd.

Sunidra is a premium mattress that delivers comfortable and healthy good night's sleep to all its customers. A successful venture of Group Meeran, Sunidra has revolutionized sleep by making its innovative, fine mattress available to everyone through affordable pricing. As a brand loved both inside and outside Kerala, it has become a synonym for quality sleep.

Established as Eastern Mattresses Private Limited in 1999 by Group Meeran, this establishment has been a flagship venture of the group. By investing in innovation and technology to create superior sleep products, the group successfully developed a brand of premium mattresses, what would later be called Sunidra. Group Meeran has always been keen to identify the changes in customer preferences. Consequently, the brand evolved to Sunidra donning a new, customer-friendly, upgraded identity. The brand has satisfied customers with its pragmatic approach in perceiving their preferences ever since. With breaking-ground technologies and superior quality, Sunidra carved out a place in the market as a prestigious brand of the group.

What does Sunidra assure you?

  • A Legacy of Powerful Service
    A part of Group Meeran, Eastern Mattresses Private Limited manufactures quality mattresses at a state-of-the-art facility. Sunidra rubberized coir mattress uses the UNICOM technology to combine the resilience of coir for contoured support with the sensuous comfort of foam that ensures blissful, comfortable and healthy sleep.
  • No Compromise in Quality
    Providing excellent quality at the right price has made Sunidra a popular choice inside and outside Kerala. Exported to many countries, Sunidra has maintained a significant position in the mattress market, buoyed by the satisfaction of a growing number of satisfied customers.

Sleep with Sunidra to wake up to a good day