Navas Meeran

The Chairman handles the growth of the Group entities and new investments of Group Meeran managed by the Group Meeran family office. He continues to serve on the Board of Eastern Condiments Private Limited as its CEO.

Navas Meeran is passionate about the Group’s entrepreneurship and investment philosophy and is its chief custodian. He has personally been involved in the Groups investments into early-stage start-ups that have the potential to bring about positive social and environmental change together with sustainable financial returns. Under his guidance, the Group provides its portfolio companies and first-generation entrepreneurs with strategic counsel and guidance to ensure long-term profitability, innovation and success.

Navas Meeran has served in several executive roles including Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Southern Region, Director – Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, Co-Chair – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council, CII National Council and Member – Economic Growth and Investment Council, CII Southern Region.


Chairman’s Message

We at Group Meeran celebrate entrepreneurship and work towards innovation that benefits the individual and the nation as a whole. For over five decades, we have touched the lives of millions of customers and provided them with meaningful products and services. We consider it our good fortune that our business has changed the lives of our customers for the better. We strive to contribute by bringing quality to the masses and prosper as a business enterprise continuously. Our motivation is our pride in our organization and what it has accomplished. Respect and integrity are at our foundation. Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. To achieve these principles, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, including enhancing our awareness of and conformity with business ethics and aim to be a reliable and trustworthy company globally.

Group Meeran has never believed that profits and margins alone matter. When we see our business bringing happiness, prosperity and smiles to people across India, we believe we are doing good work. When we say people, we include all stakeholders, from the tea plucker to the blue-collared workers to consumers, employees, vendors and investors.